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Is Your Car Broken?

It can be difficult to determine when your car just needs a break and when it needs repair work from a mechanic. Take preventative steps today to ensure your car's longevity.


You'll save time and money by having your car's problem diagnosed early. Let our ASE certified technicians assist you today.

Do You Have Good Car Sense?

If the answer is "no," don't worry! Our technicians are certified to handle state emissions and inspections, and they'll provide you with a continuous education.

Completely Fix Your Broken Car

Read through the following FAQ section to learn what you can do

to keep your vehicle safe. If you have any more queries, feel free to get in touch with Wynnewood Park Service.

Do You Feel Something Out of the Ordinary?

May need a repair, an Alignment, Or Wheel Balancing.

Are You Noticing Different or Unique Sounds?

Common sounds that indicate a car repair is needed:

Do You See Anything New or Questionable?

Some common problems you may come across are: 

Do You Smell Anything Funny?

Some common smells that may indicate a car repair is in order: 

  • Check Engine Light

  • Service Engine Soon

  • Maintenance Soon

  • Clunk or clunking

  • Noise when turning

  • Clacking

  • Clicking

  • Chicka-chicka

  • Squeak or squeaking

  • Leaking air sounds

  • Unusual lights

  • Leaking

  • Flickering

  • Gas

  • Oil

  • Burning

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