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Our Automotive Services!

Is your car in need of new tires? Wynnewood Park Service sells new tires in a variety of size and brand types. You're sure to find what you need, whether you're driving a new, old, or vintage car. You can expect fast auto repairs as we have 6 bays on site.

You can trust out three certified technicians and the almost 47 years in business. We are also AAA Auto Repair Approved, ASA in good standing and PAAT.

We warranty our work for 1 year or 12,000 miles

Pennsylvania State Inspections and Emissions

Picture of our auto service mechanics

If your vehicle is due for a state inspection and an emission test, then bring it to Wynnewood Park Service located at 2228 Haverford Rd. With over 48 years of experience, you can trust our certified mechanics to give you honest service.

State inspections ensure that your car is safe for the road. If you have a check engine light on, we can diagnose and repair it, in order to allow us to complete the emission process. Your emission test is needed to determine whether your vehicle's onboard computer is functioning at optimal capacity.

Free Tire Rotation!

Free Tire Rotation with State Emission Inspection and Oil Change.
Mention this website to get this offer at the time of your service request.

Check Engine Light - Your Early Warning System

Modern vehicles are built with a computer engine management system that is constantly monitoring your vehicle. This computer signifies a problem or malfunction by displaying a check engine light. We access your onboard computer and can quickly acquire the reason your engine light is being displayed. Although there is a long list of possible problems your vehicle may be experiencing, below is just a short list that may have caused your check engine light to activate:

  • Your gas cap is loose
  • Misfiring Cylinder(s)
  • Problem with the Mass Airflow (MAF) sensor or circuit
  • Insufficient (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) EGR flow
  • Low catalyst system efficiency
  • Oxygen sensor is malfunctioning
  • Engine is running too lean or too rich
  • Knock sensor circuit is malfunctioning

Solid Check Engine Light

image of a solid check engine light

If your check engine light is a solid and your vehicle is running normally you don't need to be worried or stop the car. However, you do need to schedule an appointment soon to get your vehicle serviced. If you are unsure, please call asap to discuss your needs – your safety is our number one priority!

Blinking Check Engine Light

gif of a check engine light blinking

If your check engine light is blinking and your car is running rough you need to safely come to a stop and make arrangement for towing and automobile service. Continued driving with a blinking light can cause serious and expensive damage to your vehicle. It is also extremely unsafe! If you have any questions, please call us.

Our Automotive Services

We can accommodate a large number of automotive repair services, including a variety of tire services and transmission services! Below is a short list of what we have to offer!

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