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I started my business in 1970 at City Line and Haverford Rd, I had no idea how hard life would be for the next six years! My contract required that I be open for 24 hours a day. I stayed true to that, even if I had to work the third shift (the night man!). Many times, we were short staffed – meaning no days off, and way too many 36-hour shifts. It all took a toll on me. I decided to shut the lights at night (open 24 hours is way too much) and see who would call and tell me I'm in violation of my contract. No one ever called. Eventually, I called the district manager told him he could have the station back, I'm closing at 11pm. A few weeks later he came by with the amended contract.

Fast-forward ten years, it is now 1980, and I was given a plaque for 10 years of excellence, and a letter because the Shell Co. was leaving the east coast, and the station was not their property. I was given 10 months to find a place to put my business. The property owner had already had a lease with 7 /11. I had found a shop a mile and a quarter from the Shell. In September 1981, I opened Wynnewood Park Service Center with my business partner at the time.

In the next 40 years, life was great! I had some rough times - a few medical operations – owned and operated two more businesses, but at the end of it all - I'm still here, just me! I love my work, and I enjoy going to work everyday. I have three great technicians, 5 lifts, and lots of high-tech equipment. And if that doesn’t sell you on us - we also have coffee, dog biscuits and local shuttle! So please – stop in! Grab a cup of Joe! And feel free to just say hello!

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Our Happy Customers

Devin Greco
Oct 05, 2021

I just moved to the neighborhood a couple years ago. I had left my interior map light on like a dummy, and my car would not start and I had to make it to an appointment with little time to spare. I walked to this shop which was a block from home, and asked if they could give me a jump or have someone give my car a start. He gave me his emergency jump kit and asked me to drop it off when I was done. So the next time I needed a mechanic, I went to them. It's an honest, professional shop run by decent people. Well spoken and knowledgeable techs and a shop clerk that helped explain the services and schedule my appointment. They provided an estimate, but billed me less in both visits. My car has been returned clean with a full explanation of work done and accurate to the quote. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for good service and honest work.

Barbara Grinnell
Dec 21, 2020

Every vehicle great service for decades!

Red ruby Slippers
Aug 12, 2020

Great guys to service ur car!! Have known for over 35yrs. Very reasonable!! Thanks Eddie..thanks Stephen!! Always a pleasure to see u guys!! Thanks Mary Ellen

Janice Bourne
Jul 31, 2020

First time use for inspection and many other services. Lou informed me of all that was required and explained my options clearly and honestly. I really appreciate the advice he gave me. He could have simply done all the work rather than letting me know it might be a better option to purchase a different automobile. Thank you. I’ll will definitely recommend Wynnewood Park Services.

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