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I started my business in 1970 at City Line and Haverford Rd, I had no idea how hard life would be for the next six years! My contract required that I be open for 24 hours a day. I stayed true to that, even if I had to work the third shift (the night man!). Many times, we were short staffed – meaning no days off, and way too many 36-hour shifts. It all took a toll on me. I decided to shut the lights at night (open 24 hours is way too much) and see who would call and tell me I'm in violation of my contract. No one ever called. Eventually, I called the district manager told him he could have the station back, I'm closing at 11pm. A few weeks later he came by with the amended contract.

Fast-forward ten years, it is now 1980, and I was given a plaque for 10 years of excellence, and a letter because the Shell Co. was leaving the east coast, and the station was not their property. I was given 10 months to find a place to put my business. The property owner had already had a lease with 7 /11. I had found a shop a mile and a quarter from the Shell. In September 1981, I opened Wynnewood Park Service Center with my business partner at the time.

In the next 40 years, life was great! I had some rough times - a few medical operations – owned and operated two more businesses, but at the end of it all - I'm still here, just me! I love my work, and I enjoy going to work everyday. I have three great technicians, 5 lifts, and lots of high-tech equipment. And if that doesn’t sell you on us - we also have coffee, dog biscuits and local shuttle! So please – stop in! Grab a cup of Joe! And feel free to just say hello!

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We are thankful for each and every customer and strive to offer the best auto mechanic services available! Thanks for choosing us!

Our Happy Customers

Александр Босак
Jul 04, 2022

If you are in some kind of trouble, these guys will definitely help you! Great job and good staff too! Thank you!

Rebecca Livingston
May 13, 2022

I had a great experience here. My car's A/C fan was being wonky for months. I previously had it at the dealership and they told me it could be "user error" 😐. The guys here really seemed to want to fix the issue and tried multiple things until it was, in fact, fixed! They made appointments quickly and easily and were a pleasure to work with. Very good work and fair pricing. I would recommend them 100 percent.

Zach Pelchat
Apr 20, 2022

Had a minor issue. They had time in the morning and were able to address it immediately. Took 5-10 min. Really friendly and professional service. Great interaction. Restored my faith in humanity a bit.

Tiffany Kennedy
Feb 25, 2022

Wynnewood Park Service is the best! You can count on them for reliable auto service for a fair price, quick appointments, and great customer service. I have used them on my personal vehicle multiple times and have always been satisfied with their work. Additionally the company I work for uses them for general auto maintenance for our fleet of trucks. 10/10 recommend this local mechanic shop!

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